Founders of the College

Although entire family, i.e., wife of late Shri D. P. Verma, Mrs. Ram Devi Verma, his younger brothers Prof. Dr. Kaushalesh Lal, Shri Sandeep Kumar Verma, and Shri Piyush Kumar Verma, has contributed in the foundation of the college, the main source of inspiration came from Prof. Kaushalesh Lal.

Prof. Lal has had an excellent academic career. He earned his Masters degree (all in first division) in Physics (Kanpur University), Operations Research (University of Delhi), and Computer Science Certificate (I.I.T. Kanpur). He has been national fellowship awardee. Dr. Lal earned his Ph.D degree on “Adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and its Consequences on Economic Development in Developing Countries” from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Prior to joining United Nations University, Netherlands in 2003, he was Associate Professor at the Institute of Economic Growth, University of Delhi. His responsibilities at IEG included teaching to Indian Economic Service Officers and Indian Statistical Service Officers.

Dr. Lal has written several books on various aspects of the adoption of ICTs and economic development. Coverage of his books has not been limited to causes and consequences of the adoption of ICTs in India rather his research is expanded to all countries of the globe, i.e., Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. All of his books have been published by world renowned international publishers. In addition he has published more than twenty research papers in refereed international journals. He is on the panel of reviewers of more than ten top ranking international journals. In India he has been writing on contemporary issues related to ICTs in national newspaper such as The Hindu since mid nineties.


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